Furry Friends Community Spay Clinic 1209 Grand Ave WDM, IA 50265 spay@furryfriendsrefuge.org 515-229-4566


* If your pet has been to a vet previously, please review your records to let us know if he or she will need a distemper booster, rabies booster, flea preventative, and/or microchip

* Remove food by 10pm the evening before surgery.† You do not need to restrict water prior to your petís surgery

* Check in time for surgery is 8am-8:30am at the clinic.†

* The clinicís address is 1209 Grand Ave. in West Des Moines

* If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call or email us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment

* Your animal must be healthy and at least 2 lbs for surgery.† Older animals are highly recommended to visit a vet to have bloodwork checked prior to any procedure requiring anesthesia.


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You will receive a scheduled pick up time at the clinic when you drop your pet off the morning of surgery.† Pick up times are generally between 4:30 and 5:30pm.


The evening after your petís surgery, provide him or her with a quiet place to rest.† Food may be withheld for the rest of the day or you may offer 1/2 a meal as anesthesia can cause nausea or vomiting after surgery.† Water intake should be monitored if your pet is still groggy.† Normal food and water intake may resume the next morning.


Continue monitoring the surgery site in the following week as well as restrict strenuous activity (high jumping, rough play, etc.) for 7-10 days.† Your pet should also not be bathed for at least 4 days from the surgery.† Some minor swelling at the surgery site may occur but swelling should not be excessive.† If you have concerns about your petís recovery from surgery, please call at 515-229-4566 or email the clinic to speak with our medical staff.† Behavior that is not normal would include:

†††††††††††† Vomiting after 24 hours

†††††††††††† Diarrhea

†††††††††††† Refusal to eat/drink after 48 hours

†††††††††††† Bleeding or severe pain

†††††††††††† Continuous licking or pulling at sutures